Dr. Raven Bruce, A Feral Wind Counseling, Licensed Clinical Psychologist"Firelight" Photo by Tony Stromberg

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Mindful Psychotherapy with couples seeks to:

Provide a realistic assessment of where things stand in the relationship.

Open blocked communication lines and establish respectful dialogue.

Identify "hot spots" or areas of intense conflict in the couple and create fresh strategies to de-escalate discord and establish positive outcomes.

Establish what the relationship is worth to each partner - what each would be willing to do or change to keep the relationship alive.

Create a Relationship Mission Statement to illuminate priorities and form a template from which decisions in the relationship are made.

Explore how family of origin roles affect how conflicts arise and are managed in adult relationships.

Discuss how issues of betrayal/trust can be resolved to establish a climate of mutual integrity in the relationship.

Change your mind. Change your life.

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