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Individuals at the " Crossroads "

Through our life span, we naturally come upon turning points at which old ways of doing things no longer work. Lost and 'unmoored' from the familiar hum of our everyday mind, we are confronted by an uneasy new uncertainty about what we thought was true about the life we are living. It might be a sudden clarity that our lives are out of alignment with the ideals that we hold most sacred or a sense of disconnection from the natural order of things. We are aware that our lives feel forced, upstream, rather then in rhythm with the flow of things. Often new disquieting truths call into question illusions about what keeps us 'safe' in the world. In the presence of strange new doubts and anxieties, panic often sets in and with it, the drive for immediate action to sooth and 'solve' away our anxiety. Life's 'invitation' at the Crossroads may be precipitated by:

* Emotional or Physical trauma
* Medical issues
* Difficult life circumstances
* Decisions /actions of others
* The addiction process
* The evolution of a questioning mind
Often, the need to make life changes has been brewing for sometime until it becomes unbearable not to act.

Mindful Psychotherapy with people at the "Crossroads" seeks to:

* Provide a safe, empathic space in which to throw down your unique life complexities to sort through and make sense of your current situation.
* Affirm your personal integrity by freshly identifying personal "truths" and assess how the decisions made at this Crossroads can stand in testament to these truths.
* Look carefully at the stories you tell about your life and find the thread of personal responsibility that runs through your life narrative.
* Lead an earnest reassessment of your values that form the cornerstones for a sense of life passion and purpose.
* Provide clear practical guidance to create a step-wise plan to address current life dilemmas.
 * Support the brave process of deciding to change your life and teach no-nonsense coping strategies to manage anxiety and sadness often associated with making significant life changes.

Change your mind. Change your life.

Raven Bruce, Psy.D.
A Feral Wind Counseling, Inc.
An independent psychotherapy practice
Middlesex, Vermont. Tel: 802-793-9316

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