Dr. Raven Bruce, A Feral Wind Counseling, Licensed Clinical Psychologist"Firelight" Photo by Tony Stromberg

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Mindful Psychotherapy with people wanting to stop taking medications prescribed for depression and anxiety:

Provide support and education to create alternative coping strategies for people choosing to titrate off from psychiatric medications proscribed for depression and anxiety.

Collaborate with psychiatrists or general /family doctors to plan a gradual withdrawal from medication to minimize side effects.

Pinpoint underlying issues fueling the symptoms for which psychotropic medications were initially proscribed.

Create effective self-care plans to manage potential future resurgence of symptoms.

Discuss life style changes to reflect a wholistic orientation to living a healthful life.

Change your mind. Change your life.

Raven Bruce, Psy.D.
A Feral Wind Counseling, Inc.
An independent psychotherapy practice
Middlesex, Vermont. Tel: 802-793-9316

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