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Individuals Living in Quiet Despair :

The path to despair has many unswept corridors. Some people come to it through feeling trapped in unlivable lives. Others wake to the horror that they're not living 'true': they do not inhabit the emotions they feel but rather they retreat into a mask of competency from behind which they feel emotionally homeless.

Others harness themselves to deflated dreams, which weigh heavy and keep them from engaging with what is possible in the life they have chosen. Some are haunted by deep wounds that prevent them from feeling truly connected to others.

Countless people spend lives of quiet desperation fending off surges of guilt, sadness and anxiety with endless pursuits of addictive/compulsive behaviors. Many of us are not strangers to the dark place of feeling 'not enough' for the world and empty inside for all our efforts to fill ourselves and face down the creeping despair that threatens our hope of what is possible.

Mindful Psychotherapy with individuals living in quiet despair seeks to:

* Quickly cut to the roots of the suffering and provide a gentle mooring from which to explore the nature our individual patterns of self-defeating responses to life suffering.
* Invite people to inhabit their lives 'as is' and to then acquire a landscape view of what is possible.
* Re-define a well-lived life by current standards given the realities of their lives.
* Help people learn who to trust and to find the courage to think themselves worthy to be cherished by another person.
* Harness strengths to envision of a life worth living and summon the self- discipline to set about identifying what is required and make a plan and begin step one.
* Go deep into past trauma to un-tether people from the suffering while integrating the difficult experiences into a resilient sense of self-reliance.
*  Free clients to envision a life filled with passion and purpose which forms an effective bulwark against normal cycles of self-doubt and reactivity to the judgments of others.
* Create a clear and concise despair relapse prevention plan to utilize new skills and forestall future crises.

Change your mind. Change your life.

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